Tuesday, January 29, 2008


If you have found this article, you have already been introduced to Magnum IQ and you are now trying to decide if this is a real opportunity.

You must ask yourself these questions right now:

1) What is the company promoting?
2) How do you make money?
3) Who do you join with in order to be successful?

What is the company promoting?

The company has created a new platform for learning that puts the internet at your fingertips by bringing superior education to your home or office through Live and Interactive learning channels. You can choose from the following topics that are offered.

  1. Self Enrichment
  2. Online Tutoring for children and adults by tutors with at least a Masters degree
  3. Language Mastery
  4. PC Knowledge and Computer Skills Training
  5. Money and Finance
  6. Career and Professional Development
  7. Real Estate
  8. Success and Personal Development

What are the Costs to Become a Founding Member?

When you look at the price point, you will see that the company has determined a reasonable cost for membership and a highly competitive recurring monthly fee to access that education. The Founder's Pre-Launch Package is available to you at low cost of $299.90 to become a Founding Member and $69.95 monthly thereafter.

What you receive:

  1. MIQ Learning Package & Online Enrollment Kit

  2. The Global Office: a members private back office portal with global genealogy tracking and full commission reporting in real-time

  3. Your own MagnumIQ.net personalized website for business and product marketing

  4. Support Center Services (technical, administrative, and sales support 7 days a week)

  5. Online Training Center

  6. The live, real-time scheduler to use for demos

  7. The first channel with our flagship program - Children's Live Homework Help. This includes 8 hours per month of live, online homework help and tutoring.

  • The Learning Package - $269.95 ($209.95 special reduced price for the Founder's PreLaunch)

  • The Online Enrollment Kit - $89.95

>> Total Founder's Pre-Launch price = $299.90 / $69.95 mo

What Makes this different?

  1. The company is financially strong and has a proven management team and a solid infrastructure that has been designed for the long term.

  2. Timing of offering access to several multi-billion dollar industries.
  3. An easily understood and explained compensation plan that will benefit those that work part-time as well as full-time.

  4. The first company to create a product in this category of online learning.

  5. Easy to duplicate and share the business.

  6. Global Market to position yourself in front of.

No matter what the opportunity is that you are considering, there is a question that you must seriously ask and answer before you join. How am I going to reach the people that will benefit from MagnumIQ?

If you choose to review this business, you need to seek out the an internet marketer that can guide your success. Take the time to speak to a founding member that can help assist you with building a strong MagnumIQ business. To become a founding member please go to www.magnumiq.net To learn more about how the business is structured visit our web site www.hemeleers.com. You can also speak to us directly by calling +32 (0)497 489 560 or visit our blog http://euvision.spaces.live.com/?lc=1033 too know us better. We're also reachable on MSN - euvision(a)euphonynet.be.



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